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Irlen Syndrome (also labelled- Scotopic Sensitivity,Visual stress, Meares-Irlen) is a perceptual dysfunction, which affects the way in which the brain interprets the visual information being sent from the eyes.

Irlen Syndrome is not a vision problem in the accepted sense and sufferers do not always have difficulty reading. Irlen Syndrome is a complex condition which causes stress to the individual resulting in a variety of problems.

These problems can range from physical symptoms including:
  • chronic migraines
  • eye strain
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • and abdominal pain
to neurological and psychological symptoms
such as:
  • depression and anxiety
  • sensory overload
  • low confidence
  • and lack of self-esteem
The educational difficulties are more widely known, such as:
  • reading and comprehension problems
  • lack of confidence
  • ADHD
  • behavioural difficulties
  • under achievement in exams for an otherwise bright child

Undiagnosed, the problems continue into adulthood bringing the same difficulties to the work place and home.

It is a complex and variable condition which can often coexist with learning difficulties. Irlen Syndrome can be found in combination with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dysphasia, or hyperactivity. This light sensitivity can also lead to overloading the other senses, often triggering distress and migraines.

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