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A Piece of the Puzzle

Most individuals who are light sensitive prefer to read in dim lighting conditions. This can reduce their discomfort.

Natural lighting is better for reading and writing than artificial, especially fluorescent lights. The use of Irlen® coloured overlays on the page can significantly improve reading performance. There are ten differently coloured overlays which can be provided, however the glare from an overlay can be a problem for some clients. Coloured paper and writing materials can also ease discomfort. Irlen East and Pukka-pads have produced a range of A4 lined and hole punched in six colours and can be ordered from Irlen East

It is often useful to change the background colour on the computer screen.A hat or cap with a dark coloured brim can give some relief from bright sunlight.

If any of the above strategies are helpful then testing for Irlen® tinted lenses is indicated. Irlen® lenses worn as spectacles or tinted contacts give relief from the symptoms of Irlen syndrome whatever the activity, not just for reading.

Irlen® lenses should NOT colour the page, nor the wearer's world and can be safely worn all the time.

The Irlen® Centre can advise teachers and schools on various further strategies which can help Irlen sufferers. A positive diagnosis from a qualified Irlen screener or diagnostician can be used to gain exam concessions.

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