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At Irlen East, our screeners and diagnosticians have additional qualifications and experience in the identification and teaching of students with specific learning difficulties. We are also able to advise and support pupils, schools and parents with practical and specific guidance. Irlen syndrome is a recognised condition which can be provided for under the Disabled Student Allowance. If you have, or suspect you may have, Irlen syndrome and are considering applying to undertake higher education then please contact us for further details.

Research indicates that 10-12% of the population suffers from Irlen Syndrome and this prevents them from functioning efficiently. These people may be unaware of the extra energy and effort that they are putting into reading and perceiving. They do not realise that other people perceive print or the environment in a different way. Educators and the scientific community have until recently been baffled by this condition which is not detected by standard educational, visual or medical tests.

Opticians who offer coloured lenses for dyslexia and reading problems do not have our expertise and cannot usually give qualified educational advice, nor can they apply for and obtain exam dispensations for pupils in public examinations. The lenses prescribed by Irlen qualified diagnosticians can be safely worn at all times and do not colour the world for the wearer unlike other lenses. Irlen lenses will therefore also help the wearer to cope in many situations such as night driving, unpleasant lighting conditions, sports and games playing, when using computer and watching television.

Irlen centres have been treating visual perceptual disorders for many years in the UK and our centre Irlen East, covering the eastern counties, was initially set up by Ann Wright- one of the pioneers in the treatment of Irlen Syndrome in both the UK and in Europe. The clinic director is now Tina Yates who has used the Irlen Method for over 25 years initially within education and for the last 15 years in the broader community.

Irlen East has a centre at Stowmarket where the diagnosticians carry out the majority of our Irlen assessments and training sessions. If required we will travel to work with clients who are unable to attend the clinic. Since 1990 we have covered East Anglia, which includes Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Essex including north London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

During the testing it is usual for the client to be evaluated with reading, compehension, writing, concentration span, spatial awareness, balance and co-ordination, and comfort. If appropriate, tints are evaluated when using the computer screen and when driving.

Irlen trained screeners usually operate within their own locality - school etc. Diagnosticians may travel throughout the East Anglian region to the client's own area, where they will carry out the consultation. Diagnosis can take place in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, factories and prisons.

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