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Dyslexia and allied difficulties

Problems that are experienced by those with;

  • Dylsexia (problems with the written word),
  • Dyscalculia (number identification and processing),
  • Dyspraxia (problems with movement and co-ordination- clumsy child syndrome),
  • Dysphasia (difficulty with using and understanding language)

can exist alongside Irlen Syndrome and in addition to the above.

The treatment for Irlen Syndrome will alleviate some of the specific learning difficulties above but is not a cure for these conditions, however Irlen lenses should enable the sufferer to function more accurately and comfortably.

However, some who are being labelled "dyslexic/dyspraxic" are actually sufferers from Irlen. Once this group are prescribed the correct Irlen lenses by a qualified Irlen Diagnostician most or all of their difficulties will disappear. Reading and/or co-ordination often immediately improves dramatically because visual distortions are eliminated. The client can then begin to access learning much more successfully.

As mentioned, some Irlen symptoms are also those commonly experienced by dyslexics and confusion between the two can occur. Often symptoms of both disabilities will include headaches, day dreaming, poor reading performance and comprehension, visual distortions on the page, difficulties with handwriting, frustration, low self esteem and poor social skills.

If light sensitivity is not tested for by a qualified Irlen Screener then some individuals are at risk of being labelled dyslexic when they may only have Irlen Syndrome. Fortunately light sensitivity is much more easily dealt with.

At Irlen East, screeners and diagnosticians have additional qualifications and experience in the identification and teaching of dyslexic students and will also advise and support schools and parents. Opticians who offer coloured lenses for reading problems do not always have this expertise and therefore cannot give qualified educational advice, nor can they apply for and obtain exam dispensations for pupils in public examinations.

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