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Ilren tints

Symptoms associated with Irlen syndrome

Light sensitivity

  • Problems with glare, fluorescent lights, sunlight and/or night driving.
  • Difficulty and discomfort concentrating when working under bright or fluorescent lights.
Problems with contrast
  • Difficulty reading from high gloss white paper,or a white board.
  • The page may appear too bright and uncomfortable.
Problems with print
  • Difficulty reading print, numbers or musical notation
  • Problems may include print that shifts, shakes, moves, doubles, disappears and is difficult to perceive.
Restricted reading span
  • Inability to read several words as a group.
  • This makes it difficult to skim or speed read, creating problems with tracking and identifying words.
Lack of attention
  • Difficulty in concentrating when reading, listening or doing school work.
  • May take frequent breaks, look away, become restless, fidgety or tired.
Poor depth perception
  • Clumsy and may have difficulty catching balls.
  • Inability to judge distances accurately, especially when driving.
  • Uncertain when using escalators, stairs or revolving doors.
Signs of stress and fatigue
  • Headache, especially when undertaking visual tasks
  • Fatique at the end of the day
  • Performance deteriorates over time

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