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Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD,ADHD,)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a behavioural problem most often found in children. The main symptom is the consistently high level of activity and or difficulty in attending to tasks. This disorder affects up to 5% of the children in the UK.

Those with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder are frequently prescribed pyschostimulant medication such as Ritalin in order to suppress their behaviour. Whereas those that are found to have Irlen Syndrome can often find relief in the wearing of Irlen lenses

Many of the symptoms shown below are shared with Irlen Syndrome.

  • poor concentration
  • lack of attention
  • lack of social skills
  • lack of self control
  • poor reading and writing
  • headaches
  • anger
  • frustration

Irlen Syndrome can co-exist with ADD and ADHD but can also be the sole cause of a childs' difficulties. If light sensitivity is not recognised, nor tested for, by a certificated Irlen screener or diagnostician, then some individuals are at risk of being labelled with ADD/ADHD, when they may only have Irlen Syndrome. Fortunately Irlen Syndrome (light sensitivity) is much more easily addressed and requires no medical intervention with it's associated risks and possible side-effects.

According to research approximately half of those diagnosed as ADHD or ADD also have the visual perceptual distortions associated with Irlen Syndrome, These problems are worse under certain lighting conditions such as fluorescent, especially when the sufferer is reading and writing. When Irlen Syndrome is treated by a qualified and experienced Irlen diagnostician with specific tinted lenses then many symptoms and behaviours disappear.

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