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Simulations of disturbance perceived with Irlen Syndrome

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome/Irlen sufferers often see the written word very differently from how the majority of us do. This can manifest in unusual ways and with some Irlen sufferers this also affects the way the world appears to them. As will be seen in the following illustrations, Irlen syndrome can make it very difficult to function easily in an academic environment and also when trying to function in the wider community.

The following illustrations are an approximation of various problems that some people see before their Irlen filters are prescribed. These are only a small selection of visual perceptual distortions that may occur. Irlen sufferers do not all have distortions such as these.


Imagine trying to read whilst this movement is going on. It is not surprising when these people do not want to read, and when they have too they will get tired and irritable.

Text moving and jiggling



Letters fading and the white glaring through

Spaces joining into rivers of white



Text swirling

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